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360 Online Consultation offers 24/7 Care

Our 360 Online Consultation program provides access to virtual appointments anywhere and everywhere you might be.

Ideal for healthy singles, families and 1099 Self-Employed members; 360 Online Consultation subscriptions are a great option for people who want access to 24/7 virtual appointments with their healthcare providers –– especially if you can’t make an on-site appointment fit your busy schedule.

Our affordable monthly subscription model can also provide your family access to Acute & Primary Provider availability in clinic, and discounts on Integrative Care programs.

If you would like to have an appointment with your Primary Provider from the comfort of your home –– to refill a prescription or get a referral to a specialist –– then our 360 Online Consultation Program can help you do exactly that and more.

To subscribe to our 360 Online Consultation Program, become a member today!

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360 Online Consultation Program & Benefits

Our 360 Online Consultation Program offers 24/7 accessibility with a Primary Provider, and self-pay discounts to in-clinic appointments and Integrative Care Programs to our participating members.

The new wholistic approach to medicine and the ability to schedule anytime virtual appointments with a family doctor is one of our core values at Synergy Health 360. There are dozens of conditions and illnesses that can be diagnosed and treated without needing to step foot in a clinic.

Medication Home Delivery
Same-Day Appointments
24/7 Email And Phone Access

Membership to Synergy Health 360 is free, and it provides access to our full spectrum of integrated care –- including in-clinic appointments for Acute [Urgent] Care and Annual Physicals.

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One Time / Anytime Online Consultation

Our One Time / Anytime Online Consultation program is ideal for relatively healthy and self-employed members that occasionally need acute or urgent care.

The benefits of One Time / Anytime Online Consultation:

  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Referrals to Specialists, Imaging, etc.
  • Prescriptions & Refills

As a member, you will only be charged for the one time appointments you schedule –– and nothing more! Join now and schedule today.

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Scheduling a Online Consultation

Whether you have health insurance, or looking for self-pay discounts with our 360 Online Consultation or Wellness Plus programs –– we have you covered!

For an appointment covered by insurance, please click here.

For our 360 Online Consultation and Wellness Plus programs, please follow these simple steps:

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360 Online Consultation & Integrative Care

Your 360 Online Consultation or Wellness Plus program subscription comes with discounts for in-clinic visits and additional programs focused on wholistic, integrative care.

Synergy Health 360 offers Weight Loss, Mental Health, and Sleep Health programs with affordable monthly subscriptions that can help foster wellness and improve your overall well-being.

To find out more about these programs or see our full range of options, please visit our subscriptions page to see all available programs.

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