Why Nutrition Therapy is an Important Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

Synergy Health 360

What you eat plays a crucial role in the development of many chronic diseases, including the biggest killers in the United States: heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Nutrition therapy is a dietary approach that manages and prevents disease via unprocessed foods.

The role of diet in health is often downplayed, even though what we eat fuels every cell in our body. In fact, many chronic diseases can be prevented by dietary changes alone. Across the globe, one in five deaths is associated with poor dietary choices.

As advocates of prevention, our team at Synergy Health 360 doesn’t just focus on the number on the scale. We prioritize your long-term health and wellness. Read on to learn why nutrition therapy is crucial for weight loss success.

A personalized diet plan to accommodate your medical history

Patients often complain that nutritionists don’t personalize their diets to accommodate chronic diseases. Fortunately, here at Synergy Health 360, nutrition therapy is an approach that takes into account your medical history.

For example, new research shows that fructose, the sugar found in fruits, is more likely to cause fatty liver disease than glucose. Therefore, if you suffer from fatty liver disease, following a diet that isn’t personalized to your needs may cause you more harm than good, as many people are taught to eat more fruit, not less.

Another important example is Type 2 diabetes. Whole grains are a great way to add fiber to your diet. However, if you suffer from blood sugar issues, you may need to monitor your spikes after eating whole grains.

Some diabetics find the carbohydrate content too high in grains, so they have to compensate with medications. A better way for diabetics to get their fiber is by consuming leafy greens and vegetables, as they come with very few carbohydrates and often contain more fiber than whole grains.

Speed up weight loss

Weight gain is often a side effect of an underlying condition. For example, people suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes have a harder time losing weight even when eating fewer calories.

A diet that addresses your underlying medical issues can speed up your metabolism. One of our medical professionals can also look at your current medications and come up with alternatives, as some medications can lead to weight gain.

Get long-term results

Nutrition is a big part of your wellness journey, but so is learning to make better decisions on your own. At Synergy Health 360, our team teaches you how to make better dietary decisions based on your medical history. We also teach you how to read labels and how to configure your meals so they meet your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

If you want to use dieting as a tool to both improve your health and lose weight, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can eliminate the guesswork and help you enjoy delicious, healthy meal plans customized to your goals and needs.