Wellness vs Treating Sickness

Synergy Health 360

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with your overall health and wellness, so how can you make little changes that can keep you well versus getting sick?
When you think of going to the doctor, what comes to mind? Common cold, ear infection, high blood pressure or back pain could be a few reasons. But when was the last time you made an appointment for a check-up without being sick?

Our family and primary doctors at Synergy Health 360 want us to know that they are our wellness and health advocates. We don’t need to see our doctor only when we’re feeling under the weather. They want to know about our health goals and help us focus on preventative care instead of only visiting when you have a fever and a sore throat.

Finding the right doctor is essential in building strong wellness goals and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Especially when pathogens like COVID-19, seasonal colds, or even allergies are floating around the air making our bodies more vulnerable. The more we focus on preventative care and staying well, the less time we can spend at the doctor’s office taking time off of work to recover.

Building a relationship with your healthcare team can help you find the right preventative care for your body. What kind of preventative care is available? Vaccines, nutritional advice, general labs to check your cholesterol and blood sugar can be helpful to name a few. Getting routine check-ups can help diagnose ailments like pre-diabetes and early signs of cancer before they manifest into something worse. Believe it or not there are steps to take that can prevent serious autoimmune diseases from growing and routine visits can help find irregularities before you even know they’re there.

Primary care physicians see patients on all ends of the spectrum. Young and old, from pediatrics to parents, and a broad scale of very healthy to chronic care. They are trained to conduct routine procedures in pediatrics, gynecology, pain management, chronic illness, and even modern medicine advice on topics like hormone therapy and treating depression. Even if you think you might need to see a specialist, your family doctor is a wonderful place to start. They can focus on all factors that might be affecting you so you can receive the best holistic care.

Preparing for a wellness exam is easy. You don’t need to wear any special clothing or plan for long waiting hours. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that your doctor wants to hear from you even if you are not presenting unhealthy symptoms. This is often a simple conversation and routine blood pressure checks. Nothing is too embarrassing to bring up to your doctor and you might even be pleasantly surprised at how painless a visit can be. Something as simple as traveling for vacation can be a reason to make an appointment to ask your doctor what they recommend for staying healthy as your body adjusts to a new environment. You might even find out that it’s been over 10 years since you last received a tetanus shot and you are due for immunizations you forgot about!

Making the time to establish a positive relationship with your doctor can mutually benefit both parties. The doctor will remember your case the more they see you and you’ll be able to bring specific questions to the table for when you do come in feeling unwell. Your doctor wanted to become a member of the medical field to help people. Giving them the opportunity to see you in positive spirits so they know your body’s potential can help them make better diagnoses.
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