Primary Care and Chronic Care Management


Are you or someone you love managing a chronic condition? If yes, are you communicating with your primary care physician about your medications and treatment plan?

While most of us think of our primary care physician as our family doctor, these health and wellness providers can play a fundamental role in your chronic care management. As chronic disease specialists, the primary care physicians at Synergy Health 360 can help you maintain your treatment plan and personal goals if you’ve recently been diagnosed with and/or receiving treatment for:


Our Integrated Oncology Program begins with primary care helping you with everything from nausea to mental health during your cancer treatment.  We will work with your oncologist to provide care and quality of life services in-between treatments and when you might be feeling overwhelmed.


From nutrition to lifestyle changes and routine check-ins, you can turn to our primary care providers for support and wellness as part of your day-to-day treatment plan.

Heart Disease

If you’ve suffered a heart attack or heart disease runs in your family, our primary care physicians can help you regulate your medication, monitor your blood pressure, and making heart healthy lifestyle choices with our Integrated Cardiology Program.

Depression or Anxiety

The usual symptoms of depression such as insomnia (sleep health) and low energy can often present to your doctor during routine physicals and can be treated by our primary care providers.


The Role of Primary Care in Managing Chronic Conditions

Oncologists and Cardiologists provide the diagnosis, treatment and medication plan for your chronic condition, but day-to-day management and routing screenings are best provided by your primary care physician with the communication between your PCP and specialist is invaluable to your health and well-being.

If you are scheduling regular visits, our primary care physicians can also help identify gaps in your treatment and monitor your condition between visits with a specialist. You can also do most of these check-ins via telemedicine, making it that much more convenient.


Integrated Wellness & Specialty Services

When being treated for a chronic condition, it is also important for you to maintain a healthy perspective on life and strong mental outlook. Our Integrated Wellness Program is an alignment of services designed to treat the whole person –– body, mind and spirit.

This includes everything from nutrition to pain relief, and physical therapy to medications. Wellness is also supported by services such as Screenings, Checkups, Coordinated Treatment and Patient Education. The more you communicate with your primary care provider, the more they can help you with chronic care management.

For more information on chronic care management and working with your primary care physician to help you maintain your health and well-being, please contact us today to schedule an appointment or an initial consult.