360 Wellness Challenge

Synergy Health 360

Let’s face it, this year has been a challenge for all of us. What’s more is that with the holiday approaching, and COVID-19 still impacting our daily life, it can add even more stress than a normal holiday season.

It is also during this time that everyone has probably heard about the extra weight we put on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and how stressful things can be working everything into our busy lives.

What if we could do a little better this year? Given that 2020 has affected everyone in ways that will likely ripple into November and December, maybe this is the perfect time for a 360 Wellness Challenge that can help us mend our mind, body and spirit over the next 10 weeks.

Why wait until January to lose the extra pounds you put on the month before? Why wait to start making one small change a week that can produce amazing results to start the new year right? That is what our first annual 360 Wellness Challenge is all about!

Join the team at Synergy Health 360 and celebrate making one small change a week (over 10 weeks) that could significantly help you maintain your waistline, reduce stress, and create some positive momentum for overall wellness in 2021.

The Challenge

Starting Monday, Nov. 9,  we will officially kick off the challenge on our Facebook page @synergyhealth360. Please “Like” us and the Weekly 360 Wellness Challenge, and keep up with us on Instagram.

Each week for 10 weeks we will issue a new challenge. Something fun and easy to do during a very busy time for all of us. 

Week one is all about “Getting Started” and setting a goal. Maybe your goal is to fit 30min of movement into your day, or enjoy longer walks with your dog, or cut back on carbohydrates. Whatever that looks like, the other weeks will be subtle changes that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and day-to-day life.

Step One: “Like” our weekly 360 Wellness Challenge post on Facebook and tag your accountability buddy.

Your Accountability Buddy

Any challenge requires some level of accountability to achieve the best results. To help keep you on track, and maybe a friend or family that you are already dieting or exercising with, tagging your accountability buddy is a great way to complete the 10 week challenge.

The Reward

The best part of any challenge is the sweet reward. In addition to the positive changes that you have made during the holidays, Synergy Health has a prize for three challenge participants that show us all that they are made a change for the better.

Prizes will be awarded in January to the following participants:

Most Engaged – Liking each weekly challenge on Facebook and tagging your accountability buddy. Posting images of your weekly challenge on Instagram: #synergyhealth360

Most Accountable – Your accountability buddy comments and/or verifies that you are keeping up and trying to achieve your goal.

Best Result – You achieved your goal!  Share the story of your accomplishment and how the 360 Wellness Challenge helped you make small changes and get a big result.

Ready! Set! GO!

Let’s take the first steps towards putting 2020 behind us and starting the new year fresh. Little changes can make a big difference, and we should look forward to living our best and remembering that wellness is not an event… it’s a journey!

To find out more about your personal health goals, please schedule a wellness checkup your doctor at Synergy Health360.